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Lauren Rowello in award-winning journalist who was recently recognized by NLGJA: The Association of LGBTQ+ Journalists for excellence in long form journalism. Themes pertaining to queer identity, authenticity, and resistance are important to their work.

Their writing has been featured in a variety of national publications--including The New York Times and The Washington Post--as well as health, lifestyle, and fashion magazines and local outlets. They explore topics related to identity, mental health, and relationships as well as a wide scope of justice issues and current events.

Lauren is married to a trans woman. The couple is writing a memoir about their upbringings and gender-based traumas, the impact it had on their relationship, and deconstructing it all to move forward as a couple. Lauren is also a former sex worker and teen parent who is writing essays about that experience.

Lauren is autistic and raising two neurodivergent kids in South Jersey. The family homeschools and spends lots of time in the garden.

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