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When should I reach out?

With Tips:
Send me an email if you have tips or personal experiences with a newsworthy event or topic. I'm especially interested in sharing stories about justice movements, power dynamics, and the experiences of marginalized people.

If You Want to Share a Love Story:
I've recently fallen in love with sharing love stories! I want to hear from average people about their unique connections and relationships. If you have an upcoming wedding or want to talk about your partnership, please shoot me an email. Everyone's love story is one worth telling.

For Workshops:
I teach about diversity and affirmation for workplaces and organizations--assessing physical spaces, websites, language used in company culture, etc. to develop real-world solutions for creating safer environments for all. I also lead workshops on media literacy and critical thinking skills for young people. And I love to talk about freelancing, journalism, and creative writing! Just let me know what you're looking for.

For Coaching, Editing, Ghostwriting, and Sensitivity Reading:
There's no project too big or too small. Send over your proposal or a quick email to get a conversation started.

Just to Say Hello:
If my work resonates with you, I'd love to hear about it! If you think I missed the mark, sometimes that's good feedback too. I always welcome folks to share their thoughts with me.

If You're a PR Professional or Expert:
Please ensure experts are truly the right fit for topics I cover. I prefer to work with experts who have first-person experience in addition to professional experience. I'm happy to talk to experts who aren't repped by PR firms. Please send thoughtful pitches that show you understand my interests and coverage.

Right now, I'm most specifically looking to interview:
Nonbinary athletes and sports experts
Experts on autism who are actually autistic and other autistic professionals, including an OBGYN or birthing professional.
Mental and physical health professionals who specialize in teaching about sex work and sex education.

Thanks for submitting!

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